How to Create a public VPC



Public Subnet:

Private Subnet:

  1. Create VPC
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Login to AWS management console and navigate to the VPC console. Select “Your VPCs” from the sidebar and click on “Create VPC”.

Note: There will be a VPC created by default, DO NOT delete it or make any changes to it

Enter VPC CIDR details as below name tag: MyVPC

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IPv4 CIDR block* :

Leave the remaining settings as it is and click “Yes, Create” button. Note that, upon creation of “MyVPC”, it will automatically create a default “Route table” and a “Network ACL” for “MyVPC”.

2. Create Public Subnet

Make sure to select “MyVPC” under “VPC” drop-down menu and enter in “IPv4 CIDR block” for public subnet.

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3. Create Private Subnet

Now create Private subnet with CIDR

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4. Create and Attach “Internet Gateway”

Create and Attach “Internet Gateway” to our newly created VPC “MyVPC”.

Note: There will be a default Internet Gateway, DO NOT detach/delete it.

Once created, it will be in “detached” status. We need to attach it to “MyVPC”.

Now “MIG” status will turn into “attached”.

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5. Add a route to Public Subnet

To make the instances created in Public subnet internet accessible, we will create a new “Route table”, that will establish a connection between Public subnet and Internet Gateway.

Note: It is not recommended to modify the “main” route table that was created by default when “MyVPC” was launched.

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Create a new Route table with name “PublicRT”.

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Select “public”, click on “Routes” tab and “edit”.

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Add “” as “Destination” and click on next box, it should list the “Internet Gateway” that we created before, select it and click on “Save”.

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Associate this “PublicRT” with Public subnet “PublicNet”.

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Select “PublicNet” and click “Save”

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